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A Cold War Moment: The Flaw the Soviets (And Their Loyal Allies) Knew About

Cold War,  an ideological conflict between two sides, East and West, had many fascinating and intriguing moments that raise many questions. One of these moments that resemble a chess game between East and West was a communication between Viktor Chebrikov, a Soviet spymaster, and his loyal ally, head of the notorious Stasi, Erich Mielke. They both strongly believed in a common idea that denied the liberal tendencies in Eastern Europe, human and civil rights protection, unification of Eastern and Western European countries and people's freedom in general .  Why did they collaborate so successfully? The USSR created a system of dependent socialist states that made it very strong. Collapse of that system would have serious consequences for the USSR. So, to maintain these relations, the Soviet government was even ready to permit “small deviations” from time to time, like in Hungary.  As it can be seen on the website of the Wilson Center Digital Archive , on March 31,1984 Chebrikov ex

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